Thinking positively can be challenging, especially on days when you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed. But if you want to create positive change, you must start by thinking more positively. Positive thinking can create possibilities which will help you achieve your goals. After my burn-out a few years ago I knew I had to start thinking more positively to get a grip on my life and create the change a was looking for. It can still be a bit of a struggle sometimes but I always remind myself that I’m responsible for my thoughts and feelings and that I can control them. If you want to start thinking positively, then I have some tips on how you can incorporate this into your own lifestyle:


Change has become a very positive thing for me. It’s a sign that I’m growing and moving forward. When you want to think more positively, it’s important that you embrace change in your life. Don’t be frightened of it. If you don’t open your mind to do things differently, you can’t learn, improve and develop yourself.



Many people act like they don’t have control over their thoughts. It’s an easy way to run away from responsibility during ‘bad’ days. I don’t say that you can solve all problems by blocking all negative thoughts because it’s ok to have bad thoughts too. But when you’re in a bad mood you’re likely to see everything in a negative light. I think that’s when you can choose to think in potential solutions instead of becoming a victim and let the negative thoughts overrule.


Keep a journal and record what you do and think is such a good way to remind yourself of the things that are happening. In my blogpost with tips for a #GIRLBOSS morning routine you can read that I love to write down my thoughts because that is the time where I can choose to think more positively and set the tone for the day. When I notice I’m stressed or unmotivated I make myself find out why I’m feeling that way. By writing down my thoughts it becomes more visible and by that way easier to change them.


When it comes to your day-to-day life there are a lot of things to be sad or anxious about. It’s easy to let that feeling overrule sometimes. But there are also a lot of (often even more) things to feel passionate, happy and excited about. It’s up to us to decide which feelings we want to focus on. One way to train your brain to focus on the positive is to practice gratitude. When I’m grateful for the little things, I’m feeling way more positive and motivated to do a certain task or work towards my goals.


This is something I’ve talked about before and it really changed a lot for me! Negative people can be a serious obstacle to thinking more positive. Once you’re in a bad mood and you’re surrounded by negative thinking people it can be really hard to get out of that negativity. As negativity is infectious, so is positivity. So when you spend more time with positive people you will notice that you get way more motivated and energized. Just focus on the people who make you feel good about yourself and help you overcome your fears and doubts.





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