Hi Angels,

Today I want to talk about self-confidence and how I’ve made (little baby) steps in this area in the past few years. But first, let me be clear about the fact that I’m still in the learning process. I also truly believe that you can’t feel confident about everyting all the time. Like starting a new job, meeting certain people or doing someting out of your comfort zone can make you feel a bit insecure and I think that’s totally normal. But, growing-up with social media and the pressure imposed by ourselves to always do everything better can make you feel way more insecure than it should.

So let me share some tips I’ve learned on my journey to self-confidence.

Stop comparing yourself to other people

We live in a competitive society, which often means that we end up comparing ourselves to others. This is someting I’ve done all the time. Comparing yourself to others makes your self-worth dependent on the achievements of others. If they’re doing poorly compared to you, you feel good. If they’re doing better than you are, you feel bad. But, we’re all unique and one of a kind and we’re all on our own journey. Comparing yourself to others is dishonoring your uniqueness and your individuality.

Spend more time with positive people

For me, this was such an important change and it made me feel so much better about myself. Maybe it sounds strange, but spending time with positive and open minded people kan make such a difference. Your positive friends will not only help you rebound from the negative flow in life, they will also inspire you to be the best you can be. Like achieving goals and trying new things. After a coffee and a good talk with one of my friends I often feel so inspired and energized.

Focus on your achievements rather than on your failures

When you have a bad day and your self-confidence level is low, then just take a few mintues to look at you achievements. This can be anything! We’re somehow always focused on our failures and how we can improve the thing that have gone wrong. When I’m having a bad day I always like to look at my achievements and write them down or talk about them with my friends. It instantly makes me feel better about myself and gives me the motivation to keep going.


So angels, inhale confidence and exhale doubt



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