HOW DO YOU MANAGE TO DO ALL THOSE THINGS IN THE MORNING? This is a question I got asked a lot. I’m a typical moring person (I’ve always been) and I’m most productive when I just got out of bed. I truly love a good productive morning. They are so precious to me and make me feel confident and organized. I’m going to share my top 4 morning habits with you today so you can try them out for yourself. I think if you want, you can have a kick-ass #GIRLBOSS morning routine too.


Yup, this is key! If you want to have a lot of stuff done in the morning, it’s important to leave your bed a bit earlier than 8 am (sorry sleepyheads). I love to wake up around 6 am on workdays and 7 am in the weekend. When you wake up early, you have a lot more time to do the stuff you want to do. No worries, if you’re not used to this then just make this your routine step by step. Try to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time in the beginning. After a few days/weeks you can try to build it up to the time you’ve set your goal on. It’s important to do this consistently so your body can get used to it. After a while you will notice that getting up early is pretty easy! 


This is the main reason I wake up early: breakfast. It’s my favorite meal of the day and I’m already looking forward to it when I go to bed the night before. Breakfast is my fav because there’s so much to choose form; fruits, oatmeal, toast, cereal and a lot more. Besides that I love spending time in the kitchen in the morning to make myself a healthy nutritious breakfast, it will also help me to be more productive and energized during the rest of the morning and day. When I make a little extra time to make myself a nice breakfast, I can really get more done and feel less needy for snacks before lunch. My go to breakfast is oatmeal with almond milk, blueberries, chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts and honey – it’s soooo good! When I give myself a little more time in the weekend I love to make avocado toast with eggs or, when I’m craving sweet, croissants with Nutella.


For me planning my day in the morning is essential! The minute I wake up my head is full with ideas and to-do’s and I often feel a bit overwhelmed. After breakfast I always love to write all my thoughts down and clear my head. If you want a productive day and work towards your goals successfully, I really believe an everyday planning session is required. I’m still looking for ‘ the perfect’ planner so for now I’m using my Bullet Journal, notebook, notes on my phone, calendar on my phone and Outlook. I always love to have my schedule with me on my phone as well as written down in my notebook and Bullet Journal.

You can find the Bullet Journal I use here


This habit has just entered my morning routine recently and I’m OBSESSED! These days the list with podcasts becomes bigger and bigger so there are a lot of good series to choose from (YAY!). I’ve just uploaded a blogpost dedicated to all my favorite podcasts, you can find it here. I listen to podcasts while getting ready in the morning, during breakfast or while planning my day. It’s a great way to get inspired, motivated, extend your knowledge about a certain topic and it’s so much fun!

I hope you find these tips helpful. Have a lovely morning!



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      09/02/2019 / 20:53

      Aahhh thanks lief! x

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