Mindful Evening RoutineOoohh a good night of sleep… It’s so important to prepare our body and soul for the next day. But it’s something I’ve struggled with for a very long time, especially when I had a burn-out. I was actually afraid to go to bed because my nights where so restless and I had a panic attack almost every night (sometimes even more than one) in that time. Well, until I’ve incorporated these mindful evening routine habits a few years ago.  Sure, I still have a restless night sometimes but overall I can safely say my sleep has improved and I don’t feel stressed when going to bed anymore. Today I’m going to share my tips for a mindful evening routine which will improve your sleep and help you wake up refreshed.


The first I like to do in the evening is a little self-care moment. Sometimes my self-care moment is just a healthy and delicious meal of a hot shower. But it can also be a bit more of a pamper-routine or some meditation (I come back to this later). I think if you want to unwind after a busy day, and your head is a bit cluttered, it all starts with taking good care of yourself and be in the moment. Put on your comfiest PJ’s and try to relax!


I’ve shared my March Bullet Journal spread on Instagram Yesterday and I received so many questions about bullet journaling. Journaling is actually one of my favorite parts of my mindful evening routine. It’s the moment where I reflect on my day and how I’ve felt (and maybe still feel). You can write about your day and ask yourself the questions: What made me happy, what is my mood and what do I want to improve the next day? I personally also love to write down what I’m proud of. You can simply journal in your favorite notebook or you can buy a Bullet Journal like mine. I’ve linked the one I have here.

Mindful Evening RoutineUNPLUG

We’re online (on our phone, laptop and tablet) so much of our day lately. This can make you feel overwhelmed and stressed, especially after a busy day. When I have dinner or want to watch a movie I always try to put my phone away for at least 30 minutes. This really helps me to unwind and enjoy my evening routine more! And I don’t do this everyday because my job is actually Social Media and sometimes I have or want to do some work in the evening. But when I feel the need I kind of force myself to put my laptop and phone away and I always notice the benefits of my 30 minutes digital detox. Try it sometimes, I can really recommend it!


I talk about meditation a lot lately but that’s only because I recently added it to my evening routine again and I truly enjoy it. Meditation helps me with falling asleep easier and it’s also a me-time moment just before going to bed. I love to do a ‘body scan’ lately. With this exercise you start by focusing on your breathing and feeling the weight of your body lying on the mattress. You then slowly move your focus to a part of your body (I like to start with my left toe) and make a scan of your body by constantly moving your focus to another part. I use the app Headspace for my meditation sessions. You can download the app for Android and iOS here.

I hope you liked these tips and I’ve also wrote a blogpost about my habits for a #GIRLBOSS morning routine. You can check the blogpost here.

What is your evening routine? Please also share your mindful tips, I would love to know them!




  1. 26/02/2019 / 13:39

    Thanks for sharing your tips! I especially agree with ‘unplug’. I find that if I’m on my phone before bed it takes me so much longer to get to sleep! One magical thing I’ve found to help me sleep is a Lush product called ‘Sleepy’. It’s a body lotion that smells amazing and puts me to sleep so easily. I would definitely recommend it! Thanks again for sharing! xo

    • Kimberly
      26/02/2019 / 14:23

      Hi Lissie, thanks for your comment and great to read that you like my tips for a mindful evening routine. The Lush product ‘Sleepy’ sounds amazing, I LOVE Lush!!! :) I really need to try it. Thank you and have a lovely day! x

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