My name is Kimberly and I’m a Dutch creative busy bee, as I like to call it. I work as a content creator, blogger and online inspirer for Kimberly Esmee and as a Social Media Manager for T-Mobile Netherlands. I love to write about fashion, beauty, lifestyle design, self-love and personal growth -and development. So besides my love for fashion and beauty you can find uplifting and inspirational content to help you become the best version of yourself.

Learn, Read, Discover, keep searching and one day you will just get it. – Kimberly Esmee


A few years ago my life changed completely due to a burn-out on a very young age. The years before I was a bit lost with what to do with my life. I was running like crazy, working a lot and didn’t really listen to my body and soul.

So after this major wake-up call I knew I had to change a few thing in my life. This, for me, was the time I started my journey to self-love, personal growth and finding my drive and true passions.

In the following years, I pursued my passion for fashion, writing and styling by starting my first blog (The Beauty Blog NL) and Instagram. I also started working at T-Mobile as a Webcare Specialist to extend my knowledge about Social Media.

After a few months (May 2018) I got offered a job as Social Media Manager within the company.


In 2018 I also started my new blog: Kimberly Esmee to share all my experiences and inspiration I’ve learned on this journey. So with this I hope I can inspire you to live your best life and never stop growing!

If you want to know anything else about me, feel free to leave a comment or email me at kimberlyesmee@mail.com.


  1. 09/09/2015 / 20:34

    Wat heb jij een gave blog! Ik heb al een aantal hele leuke dingen gezien over het maken van nieuwe recepten! Top ben je heel dankbaar daarvoor xxx

  2. elke wolters
    04/04/2017 / 12:32

    Ik hou van je kledingstylen
    en prachtige uitleg erbij

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